The Mentors are here to help

The Mentors will help you work through the problems and challenges you are facing in your music career right now.


It will help you and them to hone in on your areas of most need before the sessions, so you get the most out of the time available. 

Below are some ideas of areas that could be discussed during your sessions with The Mentors.  This list is by no means comprehensive but is here as a starting point and to help you focus your discussions with The Mentors.  Use the list below to help you identify areas of your career where you need particular help.

​It would be useful to talk about/receive:

  • a review of current activity and analysis of strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats

  • advice on audience building

  • advice on improving my live show

  • advice on finding new direction

  • advice on finding and securing funding

  • a review of my brand identity

  • advice on improving my live sound

  • advice on finding opportunities as an emerging artist during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • advice on developing an international career during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • advice on building my team

  • advice on getting the timing right for career developments in a pandemic

  • a review of my marketing approach

  • a review of my social media presence and strategy

  • a review of my income streams

  • advice on finding new routes forward with live touring

  • advice on greener touring

  • advice on more efficient touring and tour planning

  • advice on making better video content

  • advice on how to access showcasing opportunities

  • advice on collection societies and how I can ensure I get what I’m due

  • advice on writing a good press release

  • advice on approaching festivals for live performance slots

  • advice on releasing an album during a pandemic

  • advice on the right time to approach live performance agents, labels, press agents, publishers and artist managers

  • advice on keeping your career going when you are forced to find work elsewhere for financial reasons

  • advice on how to work more effectively with my team

  • advice on booking my own tours      

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Supported by Arts Council England to offer free music industry mentoring to artists working in the folk, roots and acoustic music scene in England.
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